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BPO Office Fit-Out Cleaning

BPO Office Fit-Out Cleaning by Bridges Optimum Clean

Project Information

  • CategoryCommercial, Office
  • ClientIndian Based I.T. & BPO Solutions
  • Start DateSeptember 2019

Project Description

BPO Office Fit-Out Cleaning of four (4) stories I.T. & BPO Solution offices in Cebu I.T. Park.

Dust, debris, and waste can accumulate during office fit-outs. While not as chaotic as a construction site, fit-outs create a lot of dust to walls, fixtures, fittings, carpet, and floor tiles are installed in the office. Before the owner can open for real, the cleaning service team needs to tidy everything up.

Challenges and Solutions

It takes a LOT of effort!

Fit-out workers will leave sawdust & debris behind, painters may have accidentally gotten flecks of paint elsewhere, and remodeling can reveal messes that the workers never cleaned up. Fortunately, unlike any fit-out contractor, we specialize in these tasks!

Glass is another example.

Assume the client requires the removal of window signage and stickers from the glass windows. Alternatively, the painters were careless and splattered paint and plaster flecks on the windows.

How to remove these without damaging the glass?

It necessitates the use of powerful, yet gentle, tools and methods, as well as expertise in working with glass surfaces.

That is just an example of how our Cebu office fit-out cleaners can provide a deeper clean than you can! 

At first, the cleaning team thoroughly inspected the area if there are issues that need attention.

For example, dust and filth might remain in the air besides dirty surfaces and glass panels. They often end in air ventilation, exhaust fans, and, above all, air conditioners. Unless the dust and debris are cleaned, turning on your air conditioner may result in particles blown all over the office, which is not good.

As part of our initial inspection, we examined the vents and fans to determine whether or not they need to be cleaned. Our cleaning team removed all dirt and debris, allowing clean, fresh air.

Following that, we made a cleaning checklist. 

To be clear, there is no standard guide. Each BPO office is unique, necessitating a customized cleaning strategy.

Why should you hire Bridges Optimum Clean for your Cebu fit-out jobs?

Take it from the most trusted commercial cleaning service in Cebu, office fit-out cleaning can be a difficult task. Although it is not as difficult as construction cleaning, it is still a time-consuming process. Wiping and vacuuming will not always suffice. Many call centers and private offices require specialized cleaning methods to prepare for operations.

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