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Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Services by Bridges Optimum Clean

Efficient, Expert Post Construction Cleaning Service Provider for Commercial and Residential sites.

Quality We Ensure

Our Cleaning Services provide the most unique thing for people to find - The Allergy Cleaning with Air Sanitation to remove dust and Improve Poor Indoor Air Quality.

Experienced Workers

Post Construction Cleaning needs full attention and mostly may take a few days to get the job done. For some construction contractors that have a great deal to cope with, we have got the cleaning activity cut out from their crucial tasks.

The cleaning activities mentioned below are being done by our experienced workers one step at a time using The Three (3) Phases of Post Construction Cleaning: 

(1) Rough Cleaning 

(2) Deep Cleaning 

(3) Touch-up, Air Sanitation and Disinfection


Experienced People can help you more.

Our Post Construction Cleaning team is sought-after by the following:

Service Information

  • Price :₱90 to 200 per sq.m.
  • Cleaning Hours :Minimum of 1 day
  • Number of Cleaners :Minimum of 3 staff
  • Visiting Hours :08:00 AM to 08:00 PM (Until work is done)
  • Contact :0977 428 1080 / 0942 525 8798
  • E-mail
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