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House Cleaning

House Cleaning Services by Bridges Optimum Clean

Our combined experience and continuous training ensure you receive the best house cleaning service for a reasonable price with the aid of Rainbow® Cleaning System and green cleaning products.

Quality We Ensure

Bridges Optimum Clean can truly offer a one-stop solution for your house cleaning needs. From ceiling to floor, even the air you breathe can be cleaner and healthier.

Experienced Workers

Our cleaning team can handle just about any cleaning tasks using a very effective cleaning method that can eliminate most household dirt and dust mites, without re-circulating them back into the air.

Everyone in your family including those who suffer from asthma and allergies will appreciate our house cleaning services at a very reasonable price.

On top of the deep cleaning service we provide, you can enjoy a healthier living space, using the Rainbow Cleaning System that can

Bridges Optimum Clean is a new perspective on cleanliness that takes home cleaning to the next level.


Experienced People can help you more.

Our House Cleaning team is sought-after by the following:

Service Information

  • Price :₱85 to 200 per sq. m
  • Cleaning Hours :Minimum of 4 hours
  • Number of Cleaners :Minimum of 3 Cleaners
  • Visiting Hours :08:00 AM to 08:00 PM
  • Contact :0977 428 1080 / 0942 525 8798
  • E-mail
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