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3-Story Clubhouse Post-Construction Cleaning

3-story Post Construction Cleaning by Bridges Optimum Clean

Project Information

  • CategoryCommercial, Post Construction
  • ClientMinebea Mitsumi
  • Start DateApril 2018

Project Description

Post Construction Cleaning of 3-Story Clubhouse in Minebea Mitsumi in Danao City, Cebu, Philippines.

Construction cleaning is considerably different from a conventional cleaning service based on the nature of the construction debris and materials. Besides building dust, stickers, the residue of adhesive scrap, and spraying paint, cleaning a building site demands skill and a range of technical and professional cleaning products.

In most cases, post-construction cleaning services such as the Bridges Optimum Clean collaborated with the contractor to offer post-construction cleaning for their projects. The Clubhouse project is no different, our cleaning team provided services before the creation of the punch list until the building was completed and turned over to the client.

Why is it so vital to clean before a punch list is created?

A punch list is a list of tasks and items that need to be fixed or completed before the completion of a project. A General contractor usually sets up a "Punch List Walk-through" meeting with the customer. It is therefore important to tidy up the area before the walk-through since it is the time to demonstrate their work and give an eye for the details.

After the punch list is finished and shared with all the participating parties, time is allotted for fixing, which is then followed by another “Walkthrough”. Another cleaning service is of course necessary.

After more than two (2) months of hard work and thorough cleaning, We were able to successfully hand over a cleaned, spotless, and sanitized three-story Clubhouse precisely on time.

Challenges and Solutions

The most difficult component of the cleaning of each Walkthrough was to know exactly when the deadline would end to address most of the things on the punch list and the timetable. The estimated duration of these tasks would rely on various aspects including the availability of certain team members and their diligence.

To overcome the challenges, Bridges Optimum Clean had closely monitored the schedules of contractors to address the difficulties and attended meetings to keep us up-to-date with the developments.

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