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Co-working Carpet Cleaning

Co-working Carpet Cleaning by Bridges Optimum Clean

Project Information

  • CategoryCarpet, Commercial, Office
  • ClientCo-Working and Private Office Lessor
  • Start DateAugust 2017

Project Description

Carpet Cleaning Services for Coworking Spaces and Private Offices in Cebu I.T. Park.

In many call centers, background noise is a genuine problem. Bouncing sound waves off hardwood or ceramic floors significantly increases the sound of a call center or BPO office. This is why carpets are installed for noise absorption by a significant amount. Clean air is essential in a carpeted office.

How many hours does the staff spend inside the office?

Maybe some of us never believed we spent around 90% of the time indoors. Many BPO and Cebu call centers recognize that these tiny contaminants and allergens can easily affect the employees' health concerns, especially those with allergic rhinitis or asthma. 

Our client feels the necessity of periodic carpet cleaning to address these health problems for all renters, with more than three (3) private offices and co-working spaces in Cebu for rent.

Challenges and Solutions

In a shared office, a group of people gathers to work on various projects for various companies. The space could resemble an office, a lounge, a network of interconnected rooms, or simply one large room.

When we do our Periodic Carpet Cleaning, our Cleaning team adheres to a strict schedule for cleaning each room or space. We do not tolerate delays and inconsistencies, and before the renters arrive for their shifts, the carpets should be completely dry.

We avoided the delays and inconsistencies by collaborating with the officer-in-charge of the schedule of each room or office.

Most importantly, Bridges Optimum Clean invested in an efficient and dependable machine, The Rainbow Cleaning System, capable of effectively removing dust and allergens from carpeting as well as extracting water residues for rapid drying.

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