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Ford Showroom Post Construction Cleaning

Ford Showroom Construction Cleaning by Bridges Optimum Clean

Project Information

  • CategoryCommercial, Post Construction
  • ClientFord Talisay
  • Start DateMarch 2021

Project Description

Post-construction Cleaning of Ford Showroom and Service Center in Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines.

Bridges Optimum Clean’s post-construction cleaners were joyful to serve our first ever Car Showroom cleaning client amid the pandemic.

Challenges and Solutions

High Glass Panels: Cleaning the high and large walls of extremely clear glass is time-consuming and risky. 

Our Window Glass Cleaning team understand that regardless of the glass cleaning supplies we use, we should avoid cleaning windows when the sun is directly on the glass or when there is a warm, dry wind because if the glass warms up too much while the glass panels are wet, it will dry the cleaner before they’ve had a chance to wipe the window clean. Not to mention how the scorching heat of the sun can wreak havoc on our cleaning crew. Alternatively, we did it in the evening or at dusk.

In the service area: The ceilings are open and exposed, with a variety of difficult-to-reach corners, edges, and mechanical components to navigate. 

Our cleaning team used special tools like ceiling dusters with telescopic handles, scaffolding, dozens of microfiber cloths, and flashlights to help illuminate dark spaces to see dust not visible.

Congratulations to our hardworking Post-construction Cleaners for expanding our service offerings.

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