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Move-in House Cleaning

Move-in House Cleaning by Bridges Optimum Clean

Project Information

  • CategoryHome
  • ClientHomeowner at Maria Luisa Estate Park
  • Start DateMay 2019

Project Description

Move-out or Move-in House Cleaning at Maria Luisa Estate Park, Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines.

Moving into a new place is exciting and challenging. It requires a significant amount of work to transform the empty house into a cozy and clean home. Knowing that it is both exciting and challenging, our client considered hiring a move-in deep cleaning and disinfecting service.

The previous resident who moved out of the new house most likely has cleaned it, but dirt and grime may be hiding in obvious and hidden places. It is wise to make the extra effort to remove the dirt accumulated over time and begin fresh and clean. The client understands that there will never be another opportunity to have the house empty again to do a thorough move-in cleaning.

Challenges and Solutions

Before the client moved in, we created a game plan to make the process more efficient when cleaning and disinfecting a house. We executed a strategic plan outlining which places to clean. The cleaning process is thorough. We started from the high altitudes of the room, such as the ceilings. After that, we moved up to the walls and windows and down to the cleaning of the floor.

The bathroom is a significant part of the home to clean after a move. It was most likely used during the move-out and will be used again at the onset of the move-in, so it is logical to sanitize and disinfect. The client's bathrooms were thoroughly sanitized, especially the toilet bowl, bathroom floors, walls, and surfaces.

The client's kitchen is considered the most crucial area during house cleaning. To get rid of the food odors left by the previous tenant, our cleaning team moved  all appliances and cleaned behind them, polished the sink, and wiped down and disinfected the cabinets. Before moving in, it is best to remove or disinfect unpleasant odors and germs lurking in the sink or surfaces. If the house came with a refrigerator, it should be clean before putting any food in it. 

The living rooms, corridors, and bedrooms appear easier to clean, but we still need to hunt for spots. Finally, we perform air sanitation in all areas of the client's house to improve indoor air quality.

If moving consumes all of your energy, Bridges Optimum Clean’s move-in-house cleaning services are available. We can assist you in ensuring that your new home is completely ready to welcome you. A move-in cleaning may seem insignificant to other aspects of moving, but getting your new home spotless before you move in is essential.

While a move-in deep cleaning is time-consuming, the results will make you feel so much better when engaging with Bridges Optimum Clean.

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