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Eco-friendly Rainbow Cleaning System

Eco-friendly Rainbow Cleaning System

Eco-friendly Rainbow Cleaning System

Even before the pandemic, our cleaning services have enjoyed a gratifying reception in the Cebu market. We are confident that the increasing number of companies that have switched to our cleaning system will benefit our excellent service.

Cleaning is undeniably relevant not just for appearance but for health purposes as well. Nowadays, there is a growing awareness of workplace cleanliness.

Carpet can be difficult to clean for companies that operate around the clock. To resolve this, Bridges Optimum Clean chooses The Rainbow Cleaning System — a deep cleaning machine that is less noisy and non-bulky. It has good HEPA filters and has the best suction power to control the spread of allergens and pathogens throughout the workplace. The less noisy feature increases overall productivity by allowing employees to continue working while we clean.

Our powerful Rainbow Cleaning System removes nearly 99.9% of vacuumable dirt, including damaging grit, dust mites, and even deep-buried dirt in carpet fibers. And that non-vacuumable dirt, such as grease, oil, and mud, is removed by shampooing, leaving your carpet clean and refreshed. There’s more! Its two-stage filtration process ensures that only the freshest, naturally cleaned, and water-washed air enters your premises.

When you require the services of a cleaning professional in Cebu, contact Bridges Optimum Clean, which offers a wide range of services that have proven to be beneficial to both you and the environment.

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